1. Removal and correction of your online information:

  • Opt out service of personal information from directory sites
  • Correction and updating of business listings on directory sites and search engines

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2. Customized Lectures, Workshops and Roundtables:

Cyber Privacy, Cyber Safety and Cyber Security
  • How to avoid personal and business cyber troubles (scams, breaches, online reputation, reviews)
  • Using social media wisely and safely at home and at work
  • Social media marketing
  • Removing personal information from the Internet
  • Parents, teenagers, children – using technology and social media wisely and safely
  • Ethics, rules and regulations
Social Media Marketing, Ethics and Privacy
  • Product or Service Related Businesses
  • Healthcare and Dental Care Providers, Administrators and Staff
  • Academic:  Students, Teachers, Parents, Administrators
  • Extracurricular Youth Organizations
  • Conferences, Professional Organizations
  • Seniors, Families, Children
  • Communities, Clubs, Religious Groups (i.e. Temple, Church)

Past Speaking Engagements (Excludes private business presentations/lectures)
  • UCLA Extension – Social Media Marketing: Blogging (2012)
  • Group Dental Practice: Cyber Security and Cyber Privacy Essentials (2012)
  • UCLA Extension – Ethics: Social Media, Ethics and Regulations (2013)
  • Boy Scouts of America – Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying Workshop (2013)
  • UCLA Extension – Principles of Marketing: Social Media Marketing (2013)
  • UCI Extension – Ethics: Social Media Marketing and Ethics (2013)
  • Toastmasters – Removing Private Information from the Internet (2013)
  • UCLA Extension – Sales: Social Media Marketing and Privacy ( Jan 2014)
  • American Academy of Dental Group Practices – Safety and Privacy in the Internet Age (Feb 2014)
  • UCI Extension – Ethics: Social Media Marketing, Ethics and Regulations (March 2014)
  • UCLA Extension: Social Media Marketing: Blogging, security and privacy (April 2014)
  • Safe Smart Social Summit: Managing & Monitoring Your Kids Online Reputation & Promoting Online Privacy (April 2014)
  • UCLA Extension – Advertising and Social Media Marketing for the Entrepreneur (May 2014)
  • UCI Extension – Ethics: Social Media Marketing, Privacy, Ethics and Regulations (August 2014)
  • UCLA Extension – Ethics: Social Media Marketing, Privacy, Ethics and Regulations (August 2014)
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  • Desired presentation length and preferred style (lecture, workshop, roundtable)
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