Remove personal information from online broker directories, business directories and websites.


Set up a customized lecture or presentation for your business or organization.

Reputation Guidance

Reduce the impact of negative reviews, newspaper articles and comments.

Hayley Kaplan,

the online privacy expert

  • Online Privacy Protection

    Remove and protect your personal and sensitive online information, photos, videos and other data

  • Customized lectures, workshops and Roundtables

    Have a presentation created to meet your specific personal or business privacy, security and safety needs.




“Hayley is amazing! For a long time I’ve been suffering from a cyber bully who was spreading horrible slander and materials about me all over the internet ruining my reputation and destroying my career. I’ve been trying to get help from multiple institutions and attorneys and” Read more…


“Hayley has given me back an internet presence that reflects who I am, my work experience, and that removes private information that nobody had a right to except family and close friends. I was being cyber-stalked and was almost ready to sell my house and move.” Read more…

Priyanka Banerjee

“Internet privacy is a very sensitive matter – and more often than not, ignored by most of us. Hayley brought the issue to the forefront while speaking to our class at UCLA. She explained the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Privacy” Read more…

Priyanka BanerjeeMurphy O’Brien Public Relations
Karl Kasca

“Hayley Kaplan is a phenomenal speaker, not to mention being an expert in blogging and privacy. She’s spoken to several of my Social Media Marketing classes and has always done a superlative job.” Read more…

Karl KascaUCLA/Kasca & Associates



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