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How to Opt Out of Peoplefinders

Remove your information from the Internet (PeopleFinders)
Erase personal info

Why not get rid of personal information?

Some websites access public records containing our personal information and then share it for free or via paid reports. I don’t know how to remove original information from public sources, however, I do know how to opt out of sites that access public records to prevent my information from showing up in search results. That said, I can permanently remove information from one website only for it to appear on another. So… why remove it in the first place?

I remove my personal information from certain sites to make it harder for people to locate in much the same way that locking a front door or using an alarm system deters robbers from entering a home. Wouldn’t a thief prefer to enter a home through an unlocked door rather than go through the time and effort of getting through a locked door or setting off an alarm ? If my information isn’t easily accessible, perhaps the “intruder” will give up or move onto someone else. I don’t want curious busybodies cyberstalking my private information simply because it’s easy to locate. Do you? Prior articles have covered opting out of Spokeo, Instantcheckmate and Whitepages. Today’s article shows how to opt out of Peoplefinders.

Please proceed step by step and click on links which will open in another window. Toggle back and forth to this article to follow along easily.

1.  Go to Peoplefinders by clicking here.

2.  Search for yourself by entering your first name, last name, city and state and in the People Search box and then click “Search.”

private info search

Let the search process begin

3.  Identify the search results that appear to be your own and write down the exact spelling of the profile that appears to belong to you. (Do this even if the results appear to be in the form of an advertisement) Sometimes you know the profile is yours even though there are typographical errors in the name as well as accuracy errors in the content that follows. Next, read through Step 4 before doing anything, please.

Identify which, if any, of the profiles belong to you.

Identify which, if any, of the profiles belong to you.

additional search options

Other Search Options

**  If you do not find results belonging to you, first try changing the search slightly (use first name initial only, for example) or try searching via other options such as home or business address, email address, social security number and name, or background check. After I opted myself out, I was delighted to find I could not find information about myself via any of those options, with the exception of Social Security/Name which was an option I was not comfortable testing.

4.  If you click the “View Details” button, you will have options to purchase detailed reports.  THERE IS NO NEED TO DO THIS BECAUSE IF YOU OPT OUT OF THIS SEARCH ENGINE, NO ONE ELSE WILL BE ABLE TO VIEW OR PAY FOR THE REPORTS EITHER.

If you want, you can pay for information, but it's not necessary!

If you want, you can pay for information, but it’s not necessary!

5.  Once you’ve located your personal information and decided to remove it from peoplefinders, click here to begin the opt out process.

Begin the opt out process

Begin the opt out process

6. Type your name exactly as you noted it in Step 3 and click, “Find My Listing.” Claim a single result belonging to you by clicking “This is me.” (You will need to repeat the entire process for each result belonging to you, one result at a time)

Relocate your information

Relocate your information

7. Select “Opt out my info” to disappear from peoplefinder. If you appeared in more than one result, remember to go back to Step 5 for each result.

Get me out of your search engine, please!

Get me out of your search engine, please!

8. Before you can block your records, you’ll need to read disclaimers, check a box and enter a security code. Then click “Continue.”

Security Check Step

Security Check: Read disclaimers, check appropriate boxes, enter code to proceed.

9. Next peoplefinders will make one more effort to make money from you. You will get an option to pay almost $50 for a background report or you can skip that step and move on. I moved on and got the rewarding message below:

Successful Opt out

Opt Out Success – Repeat process for other profiles.

10. Go back to Step 5 and repeat until none of your information can be found. I only had to repeat the process twice.

Congratulations on fighting for your privacy and making it that much harder for your private information to get into the wrong hands.

Until next time,… Stay Cyber Safe.


Opt Out

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8 replies
  1. Tatienne
    Tatienne says:

    Hello Hayley,
    Thank you so much for all the information and your “war” against public dissemination of personal information. I’m dismayed to see that my name is all over the net and want to go through the tedious process of having it removed.
    Starting with people finders, I’ve been trying to access the site for some days, but it states that “You don’t have permission to access peoplefinders(dot)com on this server. Do you have any thoughts on how to bypass this message?

    Thank you very much.

    • Hayley Kaplan
      Hayley Kaplan says:

      Hello Tatienne,
      Are you in the United States? If no, I suspect most of my removal articles unfortunately don’t apply to you, but I am not 100% certain of this. If you are in the United States, the directions in my tutorial should be working out for you. I am happy to remove your information myself. We can do it together on the telephone or I can do it for you once I get a few details of the information you located. Please contact me privately via the email on my site and give me your full name and the city and state where you live. Here’s the link: https://what-is-privacy.com/contact-us/. Best Regards, Hayley

  2. Larry
    Larry says:

    Hi, you forgot the final s in the title (for search engines).

    Please search your name at familysearch.org

    I was dismayed to find all my information there after going to so much effort to remove myself from most websites. There was no mention of opting-out in the terms of service or privacy policy. I emailed the privacy officer, but received no response. In the end, clicking “Learn more” or “About this collection” took me to the opt-out information.

    The information comes from peoplefinders and the opt-out is a peoplefinders process like your blog post. Unfortunately, my name is not on peoplefinders because I had previously opted-out months ago. Perhaps you can find a solution.

    Also, do you ever suspect that the opt-out process is actually a mechanism for the data brokers to confirm and update their information? The whole business disgusts me and I wish law makers would do something. I can tolerate public records that require a physical request, but all this online data brokering is ridiculous!

    • Hayley Kaplan
      Hayley Kaplan says:

      I share your frustrations, Larry. When I opt out, I am careful to never provide more information than I want to opt out. I also opt out via private browsing (https://what-is-privacy.com/2013/05/private-browsing-how-to-surf-incognito/) because I don’t want more tracking information gathered on me as I’m opting out.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and I plan to get back to you with more information this week. (To resolve the issue you encountered with your opt out on the partner site.)

    • Hayley Kaplan
      Hayley Kaplan says:


      Good news – there is a solution! The directions on the site are obsolete and opting out via peoplefinders is no longer a working option.

      I’ve sent you a couple of emails but not heard back from you so please reach out via the contact form on what-is-privacy.com and I will give you the specifics of how to go about the process!


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