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How to Opt out of Intelius People Search

Remove your information from the Internet
Intelius People Search

It’s easy to find personal information online

Intelius reports and services can be very useful in the right hands or dangerous and a huge invasion of privacy in the wrong hands. Basic people search results and detailed background reports can include: full name, age, birthdate, address, address history, telephone numbers, aliases, relatives, neighbors, email address(es), social networks, property records, marriage & divorce, death records, criminal records, liens, judgements, lawsuits and bankruptcies. Fortunately, my records would not be very colorful, but I chose to remove myself anyway, and in case you want to do the same, here’s how:

1.  Click on this Intelius link to begin your search.
2.  Enter your name and location in the search box and then hit “Search.”

Opting out of Intelius

Enter your name and location in the search boxes

3.  If your information comes up, then you are ready to opt out. (THERE IS NO NEED TO ORDER ANY PAID REPORTS. Once you opt out, your profile will not pull up and no one will be able to purchase the reports either.) Skip number 4 and begin the opt out process.

4.  If your information does not come up, try searching with slightly different information to make sure you’re not found. (different city, abbreviation of your first name, no middle initial, phone number, email address) If nothing comes up from multiple searches, congratulations, you either opted out successfully or you are not in there.

If you find yourself after your additional searches, THERE IS NO NEED TO ORDER ANY PAID REPORTS. Once you opt out, your profile will not pull up and no one will be able to purchase the reports either. Continue to opt out instructions.


1.  Scan a copy of your government issued ID and black out the ID number and your photo.

2.  Click on this Opt Out link and the following will appear:

Intelius Online Opt Out

Intelius Online Opt Out

3.  Attach the copy of your ID (I know it’s uncomfortable providing your ID but you’re not giving them any information they don’t already have!)

4.  Enter an email address for confirmation of your removal from the search engine.

  • After you submit the form, you will receive a pop up screen with a confirmation number. If you entered an email address, you will receive the same information via email.
  • Removal can take as long as 7-14 days so mark your calendar to confirm removal 2 weeks after doing this if you don’t receive an email confirmation of your opt out prior to that.
Intelius Opt Out

You will get a confirmation number after beginning the opt out process online.

5.  Verify your data has been removed after you receive your completion notification email.

  • If you did not provide an email address when you requested your opt out, repeat your search 2 weeks after your initial opt out request date.
  • I received an opt out completion notification email the day after I requested my online opt out. A search on my name yielded no results and verified my data was fully removed. (But the data for another Hayley Kaplan remained.)


  • Fax a copy of your government issued identification to (425) 974-6194 (Black out your photo and ID number) OR Mail a copy of your identification to:

Intelius Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 4145
Bellevue, WA 98009-4145

  • Repeat your search about 2 weeks later to verify your information has been removed!


Click the links below for additional easy opt out instructions/tutorials:

Congratulations! You are on your way to a slightly more private life!

Until next time, … Stay Cyber Safe.

Opt Out

If you want to remove your info from multiple directories and need help, click image.

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