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How to opt out of CheckPeople

Please keep your nose out of my business!
Please keep your nose out of my business!

Our personal information is online for all to see!

CheckPeople is one of many people directories that make our highly personal information easily and unnecessarily accessible. This information includes our address and address history, miscellaneous contact information including phone numbers and email addresses, our assets, our relatives, our criminal history (if we have any) and much, much more. I remove my information from such directories to reduce my chances of being stalked or having identity theft but I also do it for general privacy purposes that could be as simple as preventing people from having easy access to information that is none of their business! As such, I encourage you to remove your personal online information too. A Do’s and Don’ts list at the end of this article provides the benefits of having our data online, but more importantly, it outlines the ways our personal data can be abused too. Ironically, this list appears on the very directory this tutorial shows you how to remove yourself from. Please make your own decision as to whether the benefits outweigh the costs for you and proceed accordingly.

If the costs outweigh the benefits for you, removing your information is quick and easy but you should follow up to verify removal because not all people directories follow through on removal requests. As you move through this article, you can toggle back and forth from this article to the links it takes you to because the links open in new windows.

1. Go to CheckPeople

  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, City and State into the search boxes
  • Click the “SEARCH” button

2. If you do not locate your information then repeat Step 1 with different variations of your information. (Leave the City blank, or try common misspellings of your name.) If you still locate no information, congratulations! You are done unless you want to search for information on your family members. If so, keep reading.

  • I removed myself from CheckPeople a long time ago, so the results below do not belong to me:
This is not me but it is the only information returned on a search of my name

This is not me but it is the only information returned on a search of my name

3. If you do locate your information, there is no need to click “ACCESS REPORT” or to pay for a report to see what they have on you. Instead, click CheckPeople Opt Out but see suggestions below image before entering your information and clicking “SUBMIT.”

Don't provide any more information than necessary

Don’t provide any more information than necessary

  • Provide First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Address, City, State and Zip. (You cannot submit your removal request without these)
  • Provide a “Possible Relative Name” only if one appears in your result.
  • Try proceed without providing your birthdate, but you may need to provide it another time.
  • In the Notes section, copy and paste the information from the returned search result and include it with a note as in the example below:
    • “Please remove my personal information from Checkpeople. I have copied and pasted what currently appears on your site below:”
Opt out info

Highlight your information on checkpeople. Copy and paste it to the “Notes” section of the Opt Out Form.

4. Mark your calendar to search for yourself in 10 days to verify your removal. Unfortunately, you cannot assume it will be done correctly the first time. Hopefully you will not locate your information 10 days later, but if you do, ask CheckPeople for assistance in one of the ways below:

You may be wondering why these directories exist and what the bountiful personal information can be used for. A Personal Data Do’s and Don’ts checklist provides enlightenment. The “Do’s” provide a list of handy and “permitted uses” of our data. (find a lost love, research a potential roommate, locate addresses for an invitation, find family members and friends and more) and the “Don’ts” provide a checklist of “Prohibited uses.” (Employment Screening, Identity Theft, Tenant Screening, Educational Screening, Stalking, Spying and more.) Call me skeptical but I view the “Prohibited Use List” as a handy road map for those who want to abuse our data. With that in mind, I encourage you to take control of your online information and I’m here to help!

Please contact me if you’d like information about hiring me to do your online information removals for you! If you’d like to remove yourself from additional directories, please click here for more removal tutorials. 

Until next time,… Stay Cyber Safe.

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