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Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 5.48.26 PMMyLife compiles personal data from several Internet sites with a stated mission of “helping people find and connect with others by managing the information they choose to share with the world.” The founder’s noble goal is to “create and protect a public image that helps Americans get ahead and enrich their lives.” I have a personal issue with the ethics of gathering information and then charging to remove it and taking it a step further, charging to remove this information from other sites. That said, I commend MyLife for their stated goals and most importantly, I thank them for their willingness and cooperation when it comes to removing information from their site upon request.

My removal strategy for MyLife is ridiculously simple, but sometimes takes tenacity. Here goes:

  • (1) Search for yourself on MyLife by entering your name and clicking the “SEARCH NOW” green button.

NOTE: You will go directly to your “Public Page” if you are the only person with your name. If you get multiple results, locate the one belonging to you and click on “VIEW PUBLIC PAGE.”

Start by searching for yourself

Start by searching for yourself

  • Once you locate yourself, MyLife has several options that lead you to setting up a premium account in order to hide your own information or to remove your information from other sites. Jump to Step (2) to spare yourself the anxiety from the search sequences that will initiate (see screenshots below) or follow their cues and sign up for their paid service. I recommend reading this short tutorial to the end before paying for anything.
Scrolling screens create anxiety with messages such as the ones in this image. But on the same day I got different results on the same search.

Scrolling screens create anxiety with messages such as these. But I got different results on the same search which makes me question the results. See the next image.

Do see the inconsistencies on the results on the same person?

Note the inconsistencies in the results. Are there 4 or are there 9 sites selling Tanya’s information? What is their definition of a breach? (and note the breach number differs in the 2 photos too.)

To remove your information from MyLife without paying to do so, continue to Step (2).

  • (2) Move your curser to the URL bar, and copy the address of your public profile. (If you are no longer on the page with your public profile, return to Step (1) to search for yourself again.)
This is your MyLife "Public Profile."

This is Tanya’s MyLife “Public Profile.”

  • (3) Open up an email to MyLife by clicking, contact MyLife via email and request that your information is completely removed from their site. * Be sure to copy the URL (web address) from Step (2). See example below:


Sample Email to MyLife

Sample Email to MyLife

  • (4) You will immediately receive a generic email saying your email has been received.
  • (5) You will receive a version of the email below once they’ve removed you from the site. (In a matter of a few hours or a few days) But that doesn’t mean it’s been removed. Keep going to step (6)
Confirmation of removal

This is one of several boilerplate email versions you’ll receive from MyLife

  • (6) Once you get confirmation of your removal, you must go back to Step (1) to see if you were removed completely or not.
    • If you get a result like the one below when you enter your name, you are done! Congratulations. (If you have a common name, you may see other people listed with the same name, but you will recognize yourself if you remain.)
    • Alternatively, if you find your information remains on the site, proceed to Step (7).
Verify you have been removed to your satisfaction

Verify you have been removed to your satisfaction. The goal is to not be found!

  • (7) Since complete and prompt removal from MyLife is inconsistent, you may need to reach out to them multiple times. You can follow up by contacting them via 2 separate email addresses: Support or Privacy or you can phone them and ask for assistance at (888) 704-1900  Mon-Fri: 6am – 7pm PST and Sat-Sun: 6am – 5pm. Be optimistic that you will succeed promptly. But if not, multiple attempts and persistence will ultimately result in success! The key is follow up.

Please let me and other readers know if you run into any issues when you email for assistance (by leaving a comment on this article) and also please share your experience if you become a satisfied paid member of MyLife. That information will be useful for other readers and interesting for me.

Lastly, if you consider the use of any paid information removal service (including mine), “Buyer Beware!” Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your money,  what is and what is not covered by the service and how long it will take for meaningful results. Successful and complete removal takes time, regardless of how much you pay for it.

In the meantime, here’s a list to my free opt out tutorials for those of you willing to do your own removals and most importantly, the required follow up! I offer a paid removal service from approximately 40-50 different sites and I write free tutorials for these when time allows. You can subscribe to be notified of new articles/tutorials or you can check back when you want to see if there are new ones.

Until next time,… Stay Cyber Safe!

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  1. cathy snyder
    cathy snyder says:

    Hi, Haley:
    I just made request number 4 to have myself removed from MyLife.
    The responses are always the same – never do they say they will remove the information. They tell me to claim my public page (which I did), click on ‘my privacy’ to see who is searching for me, etc.. To claim my public page I clicked on the view public page and answered that I was the person named. I copied my URL bar and requested removal of all my information and sent to the ‘privacy’ email and I also tried the ‘support’ email (at different times) but had no success with either.
    My most recent response said to click the edit/control link and enter a valid email address.
    I suspect this will take me to the paid portion of MyLife ? because no where in your directions does it mention needing to do this. So I will continue to email occasional requests to delete me and hope one works. Any thoughts?
    Thanks for your blog and info. It is great to have someone looking out for us.

    • Hayley Kaplan
      Hayley Kaplan says:

      Welcome to my world. This is how it is with several sites and that’s why it’s so labor intensive and time consuming and why people give up and opt to pay someone to have the headache instead of themselves.
      If it was me, I’d be at the point where I’d be asking to speak to a supervisor and requesting immediate removal. Try calling (888) 704-1900 or (310) 571-3144.

      Please let me know if you have success. If you do not, email me a screenshot of your information privately and I’ll handle it for you.

      Good luck.
      🙂 Hayley

  2. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Thanks for the instructions on this. I’ve been working to get myself and family removed for over a month now. Of the 6 family members I found on the site, I’ve been able to remove 3 of us by resending the request over and over. Even when you get the e-mail you have been removed – chances are you have not – at least until the 3rd or 4th request. Of all the sites I’ve removed our information from, this one was the most difficult because of their failure to follow through with the actual removal. As I said, I’m already a month into removing my family so I’ll keep at it even if it takes a dozen requests and another month. But.. .. If you don’t have time to be diligent about checking up on it – this one may be best left to the experts – like Hayley.

    • Hayley Kaplan
      Hayley Kaplan says:

      Hi Cindy,
      You nailed the entire personal information removal process on the head! Success comes down to time, tenacity and follow up because MyLife is one of many sites that provide a written confirmation of removal of information even though that information is still on their site. Congratulations on removing 3 out of your 6 family members so far. I hope the last 3 go much quicker!

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      🙂 Hayley


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