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How to boost your Facebook Privacy – 7 tips

If you’re a Facebook user, your pictures, bio, posts, and other activity make up a treasure trove of data about you. Consumers worried that their personal information is vulnerable, according to a recent report from Pew Research, listed hackers and criminals as their top online-security concern. “For many people, [the question isn’t] if you’ll get […]


Facebook’s New Privacy Checkup – Thumbs Up!

When an alligator cartoon offering a Facebook Privacy Checkup popped up while I was using Facebook, I assumed it was fraudulent. Facebook hadn’t seemed concerned about making their privacy settings transparent before and with the unfamiliar alligator and no Facebook logo I was suspicious. Yet something about the offer made me look into it further […]


Privacy: How to Deal with What We Cannot Control!

There are moments when I feel helpless and hopeless as I watch privacy diminishing rapidly before my own eyes. Not a day goes by without one type of privacy breach or another and frequent news reports and articles make it feel like cyber attacks are rapidly increasing in frequency and magnitude. The recent Target breach […]


Social Media Privacy and Security Tips – Part II

Social Media enriches our lives and connects us instantly and inexpensively with the world, but it simultaneously makes it challenging to maintain privacy. Virtues of Social Media include the ability to express ourselves and to share information in interesting and creative ways personally and for business, but on the flip side, mistakes have harmed people […]