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Preserve and repair your online reputation and presence

Whether you use social media and the Internet or not, you and your reputation can be damaged online. As such, even if you’ve intentionally avoided social media and the Internet for one reason or another, you should know if your own information or images appear in a way that could be harmful to you. The key […]


How To Get out of MyLife Directory Site

MyLife compiles personal data from several Internet sites with a stated mission of “helping people find and connect with others by managing the information they choose to share with the world.” The founder’s noble goal is to “create and protect a public image that helps Americans get ahead and enrich their lives.” I have a personal issue with the […]

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Cyber Monday started early this year … Buyer Beware!

Cyber Monday deals used to begin on the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend but just as Christmas trees appeared early this year to maximize the shopping season, so did online shopping deals. I noticed online sales that began as early as Thursday and are continuing through Cyber Monday. This is great news for those of us who prefer to […]

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Remove your information from Persopo

Persopo is one of many sites that provide quick and easy access to personal information originating in public records. A search on the site scans the Internet for contact information, current residence, marriage and divorce records, phone numbers, relatives and associates, arrest warrants, police arrest records, speeding tickets, sex offender status, felonies and misdemeanors, licenses and […]

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Six fraud avoidance tips from FBI Special Agent

At a recent Cyber Security/Fraud event in Los Angeles, I learned new and valuable information from an FBI Supervisory Special Agent that I want to share with as many people as possible. To that end, I’m passing along what I learned with a few supplemental tips of my own. The FBI agent provided interesting cyber crime statistics from […]

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Opt Out of Whitepages – Revised Oct 2017

Whitepages is an important and commonly used directory however, when it comes to opting out, it is on my list of most frustrating sites to deal with. Firstly, intermittent technical issues get in the way of opt outs going as expected. Secondly, Whitepages responds to every email with a boilerplate email letting the sender know they read all […]


Remove your address and phone numbers from 10digits

10digits is a basic free online directory that contains names, home addresses and telephone numbers with satellite maps of the addresses that come up. If you prefer to not have your home address so easily accessible, removing your information is easy. This tutorial illustrates each step of the removal process which should take only a few minutes to complete. I removed […]

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Dangers of Seniors and Technology

Looking over my dad’s new smartphone photos, my heart skipped a beat. I was staring at vibrant photographs of every credit card in his wallet – and there were many. That’s not where it ended. There were additional photos such as the one of his medical insurance card with his social security number on it. […]

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We Don’t Cover Stupid! How to protect sensitive data.

“We don’t cover stupid” is a reminder that ignorance and lack of expertise have become unacceptable excuses for technological negligence. This entertaining but reasonable statement was made by an insurance company who is suing for reimbursement of a payout after learning an insured healthcare provider failed to take appropriate security measures to protect online patient medical records. The provider’s […]

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Remove your personal information from CheckPeople

CheckPeople is one of many people directories that make our highly personal information easily and unnecessarily accessible. This information includes our address and address history, miscellaneous contact information including phone numbers and email addresses, our assets, our relatives, our criminal history (if we have any) and much, much more. I remove my information from such directories to reduce my […]