Sexting is a common issue related to use of cell phones. Geotagging and geolocating can also be a privacy issue.

Pokemon Go and Privacy issues
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What's the fuss about Pokémon Go?

Thursday night I laughed as I watched my grown son crawl on the floor and roam through my house with his eyes glued to…
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Dangers of Seniors and Technology

Looking over my dad’s new smartphone photos, my heart skipped a beat. I was staring at vibrant photographs of every credit…
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Beware of Snapcash and Venmo - a teen's perspective

Snapchat is a popular app that allows users to send and receive photos, messages and videos that disappear right after…
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"Waze" free navigation app comes at high cost

On a rainy day with multiple accidents and horrible traffic, my friend activated Waze on her iPhone and we navigated flawlessly…
Apps and Privacy
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What's the privacy tradeoff for playing Words With Friends?

An ongoing game or two of Words with Friends, an app on my Android phone, has been a simple and guilty pleasure that I've…
Wearable Tech privacy problems
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The Etiquette of Wearable Technology

After Sarah Slocum claimed she was attacked because she wore Google Glass (wearable computer in the form of an optical…
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Taking Control of Privacy

There is no doubt there are aspects of privacy that are out of our control, but as discussed in the last post called Privacy…
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Seniors Beware! What is Vishing? (And 3 Ways to Avoid It)

Switching from Windows XP to Windows 8 meant something as simple as shutting down his computer became a challenge for my…
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What Social Media Apps and Sites are Popular with Kids these days?

Social media has many positive attributes but there’s no denying potential dangers such as reputation damage and exposure…
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Private Browsing - How to Surf Incognito

Incognito web browsing is private Internet surfing and it differs from non-private surfing because history of an incognito…
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How to Protect your Smartphone from Mobile Attacks

With increasing popularity of tablets and more than 1 billion smartphone users in the world, access and storage of sensitive…