There are multiple types of cyber-scams. Included in the list is Identity Theft, Phishing, Financial Scams, to name a few.

Facebook apps
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How apps sneakily steal your privacy

This is a very quick article (with lots of easy illustrations) to remind you that free apps often come with a tradeoff of…
Target Breach
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How to Protect Yourself amidst Recent Data and Credit or Debit Card Breaches

I found myself shopping at Target four times between Black Friday and December 15th when I wanted to buy diapers, spillproof…
Seniors as scam victims
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Seniors and Facebook Identity Theft: How to Avoid Being a Target

Seniors have long been targets of scams of one kind or another. And with the rapidly growing number of senior citizens…
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Craig's List Scam - If it seems too good to be true, it is!

If it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true - especially when it comes to selling on Craig's List. It started…
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Seniors Beware! What is Vishing? (And 3 Ways to Avoid It)

Switching from Windows XP to Windows 8 meant something as simple as shutting down his computer became a challenge for my…
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7 Conversation Topics To Keep Kids Safe Online

I panicked as I read an article about new social media apps because I was familiar with only one of them! How can I protect…
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Was I a Victim of an Online Predator?

One would think that someone who writes and talks about Cyber Privacy and Cyber Safety would be immune to online predators,…
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I just became a Phishing Fool

A few days ago I warned readers about phishing scams and today, I became a victim. How utterly embarrassing! Take a quick…
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Phishing for Bank of America Fools

Phishing emails are usually easy to spot but that does not mean an intelligent (or busy) individual is safe from becoming…
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Beware of Cyber Monday Online Shopping Scams

Monday, November 26th is Cyber Monday and it's important to remember that cyber criminals will be online in full force too.…
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How to Avoid Identity Theft - Prevention is so much Better than Cure

When it comes to Identity Theft, I unfortunately write from a position of experience.  The good news is that in spite…