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The email I wish I had never sent

doggy dooCondominium hotline discussions can result in loads of emails and I had to laugh when I got batches about dog poop in common areas of our condominium complex. But what was funny at first soon became annoying as email after email cluttered up my mailbox. How much debate can one take about DNA testing poop in order to fine owners who don’t pick up after their pets? Enough was enough and I requested that the conversation end or be moved offline. Residents obliged without fuss and no harm was done. Unfortunately, that was not the case in a more recent situation.

It all started with a poll by management to replace the recently deceased gentleman, A, who was in charge of the hotline. This was our first notification of A’s passing and this poll offended residents, especially A’s wife, M, who was greeted by this poll upon returning from the funeral home with her husband’s ashes. She sent an understandably emotional and upset email to all residents via the hotline.

I immediately responded by sending my condolences directly to M and all would have been fine if I stopped there. Instead, I noticed people beginning to complain about the insensitivity of the management company and based on past experiences like the dog poop one, this meant everyone would chime in and there’d be a huge influx of needless emails.  So with good intentions (the kind that pave the road to Hell) I responded to the complaints about the insensitivity of the management company with the following email that went directly to the entire hotline, including M, the management company and the resident that initiated the complaint. (Identifying elements blocked out in green, offensive part circled in red, and sad face added after the fact!)

Bad email

The e-mail I wish I had never sent!

I wish someone could sincerely tell me my email wasn’t too bad, but unfortunately, I know better. After hitting send, I realized that it appeared that I was scolding the widow, M, for venting on the hotline when what I was intending to do was to ask everyone else to refrain from rubbing salt in her fresh wound. And then, I had the nerve to mention the emails are making me feel bad? Way to make it about me instead of M! I turn red as I think of my unfortunate mistake and observe the hotline has gone silent. Not a single response since my email went out. I didn’t even hear back from the individual at the management company that I was trying to defend.

Bad emails

Proofread carefully before sending

So, another day later and another lesson learned! I must not multitask when posting to Social Media or sending emails. I must carefully proofread every important email. Repeat after me, “I must not multitask when posting to Social Media or sending emails! I must carefully proofread every important email.” I’ll be repeating these sentences a lot, starting now. And in case you’re wondering about the dog poop, I said no harm was done by ending the hotline conversation but that’s not true. There is still a problem with dog poop in common areas of the condominium complex. I won’t be attempting to control any hotline discussions in the future!

Until next time … Stay Cyber Safe and Cyber smart too.

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