Identity Theft
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How to Minimize Your Damage from Inevitable Identity Theft

“It won’t happen to me!” is what many of us think and hope when we hear about other victims of crime. But when it comes…

Privacy issues with email

My boss was out of town and I was managing a heavy workload by multi-tasking.  One client, let's call her "Ray", was especially…
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How to Avoid Phishing Scams

I've received several emails that appeared to be from Bank of America but poor grammar and spelling coupled with urgency…
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How to Avoid Cell Phone Privacy Invasion and Pocket Dialing

I was on a walk a few days ago with a close friend, when my phone rang. I laughed when I saw my walking buddy's phone was…
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Facebook Control & Privacy on the Verge of Extinction

My Facebook page has recently taken on a life of its own and frankly, I’m uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable!  It’s almost…