These settings can be set on mobile devices, on the internet and on Social Media. It is important to understand how your settings are set and to know how to adjust or change them for your own protection.


Facebook Privacy
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How to boost your Facebook Privacy - 7 tips

If you’re a Facebook user, your pictures, bio, posts, and other activity make up a treasure trove of data about you. Consumers…
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Private Lives

Tammy Minn's article below is printed in the October 2014 print issue of Inland Empire Magazine. I am honored and…
Privacy Settings
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Facebook's New Privacy Checkup - Thumbs Up!

When an alligator cartoon offering a Facebook Privacy Checkup popped up while I was using Facebook, I assumed it was fraudulent.…
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Privacy: How to Deal with What We Cannot Control!

There are moments when I feel helpless and hopeless as I watch privacy diminishing rapidly before my own eyes. Not a day…
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7 Conversation Topics To Keep Kids Safe Online

I panicked as I read an article about new social media apps because I was familiar with only one of them! How can I protect…
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Who Sees Your Personal Facebook Posts?

I recently learned that Facebook makes changes to its code every Tuesday and even though many changes may not be obvious,…
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12 Easy Steps to Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Are you certain your privacy settings are doing what you think they should be doing for you?  Have you checked all your…
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How to Verify and Edit Facebook Privacy Settings

There’s been some panic about Facebook privacy, but don’t despair!  It’s easy to make certain your privacy settings…