This applies to being safe when using technology and the internet and also to staying safe when taking on-line relationships off line.


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How to Prevent Child Identity Theft

Child identity theft is on the rise. The greatest increase has been seen in children under 5 years old but the reality…
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12 Easy Steps to Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Are you certain your privacy settings are doing what you think they should be doing for you?  Have you checked all your…
Online Dating Safety Tips
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Internet Dating & Relationships: On-line and Off-line Safety Tips

A gorgeous friend signed up on a specialty internet dating site by creating three diverse faux-profiles that ranged from…
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How to Avoid Phishing Scams

I've received several emails that appeared to be from Bank of America but poor grammar and spelling coupled with urgency…
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Internet Privacy Issues: Think twice before launching into Cyberspace

It is becoming increasingly easy to get into trouble in the Cyber World with its exponentially diminishing privacy and associated…