How to attain a reasonable level of cyber privacy. Cyber privacy issues and related solutions and guidelines.

Wearable Tech privacy problems
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The Etiquette of Wearable Technology

After Sarah Slocum claimed she was attacked because she wore Google Glass (wearable computer in the form of an optical…
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Generation Like - The Value and the Cost

I was uncomfortable as I came to the end of a PBS documentary called, The Like Generation. As I reflected on the footage,…
Remove your information from the Internet (PeopleFinders)
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How to Opt Out of Peoplefinders

Some websites access public records containing our personal information and then share it for free or via paid reports.…
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Taking Control of Privacy

There is no doubt there are aspects of privacy that are out of our control, but as discussed in the last post called Privacy…
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Privacy: How to Deal with What We Cannot Control!

There are moments when I feel helpless and hopeless as I watch privacy diminishing rapidly before my own eyes. Not a day…
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Opt Out of Online WhitePages

In How to Remove your Information from the Internet, I showed you how to opt out of InstantCheckMate and if you hadn't…
Remove yourself from Instantcheckmate
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How to Opt Out of Instantcheckmate

It’s no secret that private information appears all over the Internet but the malice behind a solicitation email I received…
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Private Browsing - How to Surf Incognito

Incognito web browsing is private Internet surfing and it differs from non-private surfing because history of an incognito…
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The State of Privacy in 2013

An insightful infographic by HostGator depicts the state of privacy in 2013. The infographic draws attention to the…
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5 Reputation Management Techniques for Protecting your Online Privacy

Reputation management is the process of monitoring and controlling how you are perceived online. Damage to your reputation…
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Products and Services that Protect Children Online

Recent cyberbullying-related suicides led to several powerful online discussions about effective ways to protect children…
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You've set up a Google Alert on yourself, right?

Google Alerts provide an easy way to monitor the web for content that is of interest to us. These alerts can tell us what…