How to opt out of broker directories and remove personal online information via a series of step-by-step tutorials.

Remove your information from the Internet (PeopleFinders)
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Locate and Remove your Private Information from Peoplefinders

Some websites access public records containing our personal information and then share it for free or via paid reports.…
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How to Remove your Private Information from Online WhitePages

In How to Remove your Information from the Internet, I showed you how to opt out of InstantCheckMate and if you hadn't…
Remove yourself from Instantcheckmate
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How to Remove Information from the Internet - Instantcheckmate

It’s no secret that private information appears all over the Internet but the malice behind a solicitation email I received…
Opt Out of
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How to Remove Personal Information from the Internet

I typed names into Spokeo today and to put it mildly, I freaked out when I retrieved all sorts of personal information from…